Asset Management

Your assets need to work for the Council and the constituents. There is no point in opening toilets at 6am if they are not used till 8am. If your operator could then start their shift at 9, having opened the door automatically, either the operator can be used to deliver other services, or the Council can reduce their costs. Either way, there is tangible benefit to both the Council and the customer.

Through Moxi, you can now be in two places at once. If someone has failed to arrive in a location by a certain time, then you will be alerted to this. A classic case would be the park being opened in the morning. Your employee may be unwell and fails to open the gate at 7am, but the chances are that you will not know about this until either they phone in sick, or an irate Councillor phones in with the happy news. With Moxi in place, you will not only have know about this, but been able to deal with it prior to it becoming an issue. Almost as a side benefit, you also get to understand the arrival and departure times of the staff member and this gives you greater insights into reliability.