Resource Allocation

Either using Pinpoint on its own, or in conjunction with Voxpop, you can understand which of your assets are used and prized by your local population.

The potential savings from this are significant. You will readily be able to identify hitherto untouchable assets, as poorly used and unloved by the potential user base. Equally, Pinpoint will be able to quickly spot assets which are used and need attention.

The range of uses are very varied.

  • We count footfall on many RSPB and other wildlife sanctuary sites. The purpose is two fold. Both internally to allocate funds correctly, and externally, to justify levels of funding being sought.
  • Carparks are very popular, as an organiser tries to allocate the correct amount of space to a car park. The car park will typically take up space which could readily be used for the benefit of an area as opposed to dead space.

In a similar way, Proximity devices also work hard to improve your resource allocation. Instead of a bin routine designed by rote, and no change in location of bins to improve their effectiveness, we can now improve your bin management and potentially revolutionise the way you go about your bin management

Park Sense will help you identify which spaces are being used, for how long and their performance compared to other spaces. This will help provide both you and your user group with timely and useful information on the parking options. In the longer term, it will help instruct your parking policy, and ultimately the best use of the asset.