Where to Use a Voxpop

On the Street

By locating a voxpop on the street, whether this be the high street or sub urban location, the street manager can immediately start monitoring the public perception of the area.

  • Maintain a service level objective as opposed to a number of cleans type report.  This could be used in conjunction with other standards being targeted.
  • Identify the difference between user perception and reality.
  • Build a pattern of evidence as to differing cleaning standards

In the Park

We know children enjoy the swings in the playpark, and that we all can enjoy relaxing with friends under the trees, but how can the manager and funder of this park guage the benefit of the area without conducting expensive one off surveys.  Our counting solution, Pinpoint, will tell you how many people have used an area.  Voxpop will tell you whether they have enjoyed it.

  • Enrich your counter data with an understanding of benefit brought by the area
  • Understand the times and issues which effect usage
  • Guage the benefit of added effort or attractions

At the Exit

Feedback to managers will often be based on heavily filtered information from staff and selected user groups.  This makes it sometimes unreliable and at worst, misleading.  Voxpop can cut through this by giving the users the opportunity to give direct unbiased feedback at the point of use.

  • Identify when a service provides the most benefit and tailor hours accordingly
  • Build patterns and cross reference with staffing and usage
  • In remote sites, staff can be “on call” as opposed to visiting a site to a set pattern.