Customer Satisfaction – Voxpop

The Voxpop, from the Latin “Voice of the people” is made up of our G Node, and three decision buttons, which might be described as poor, OK and excellent, but will vary depending on the question being posed. It is designed to use a battery and therefore can be positioned in the field for up to a year without the need for interference, depending on how often you require the data.

The “sensors” in this case are just the three buttons. The Voxpop is able to eliminate multiple pressing by a built in time delay following the receipt of a push.

Key Benefits

  • Feedback from the point of use which is easily accessed, instant and undistorted by time:

By installing a simple feedback terminal, the user can give an instant opinion that is timely, unbiased and based on fact not fiction.  The fashion to allow users to access “apps” on their phone creates an instant group of vested interests and cuts out the majority from giving a democratic opinion.

  • Allows managers to direct resources by requirement as opposed to by rote:

The services offered by Councils are aiming to improve the customer perception of their environment.  The terminal therefore can be used as a guide as to where and when resources should be sent.  There is no point in cleaning a clean street, or upgrading an acceptable toilet – when we know that these resources are being demanded elsewhere.

  • Deeper analysis of data allows the manager the chance to understand when and why feedback is either positive or negative:

There are a number of reasons why customer perceptions change over time.  It could be as simple as the user group changes, or the reduced daylight hours reduce basic satisfaction levels.  In whichever situation, the Voxpop gives the manager the underlying data, and the opportunity to counter unnatural elements and allow for normal phenomena.

  • Staff Management:

User groups will often react to different staff members, led by a variety of factors. Voxpop is additional tool for managers to identify which of their staff are contributing to the positive management of their services.