H2e Service

Objective Setting

Many of our clients know roughly what they are trying to achieve, but are not sure of exactly what is possible and how it can be brought to life.  Often our first “service” is to understand the needs of the client, identify the final objective and work out the most efficient route to get there.  Call 01249 822063 or email sales@h2evidence.com and we will be ready to help.

Site Survey

H2e employs 17 local managers and engineers strategically located around the UK to survey sites when we receive enquiry.  Each location will be slightly different, and our job is to consider your objective, survey the site, and identify the best solution for you.  This is free and without obligation.  Don’t worry how remote your location may be – our team love seeing different parts of the UK and Ireland.


While some equipment is simple, we will generally install the hardware in the field.  Sometimes it needs a little calibration or electrical work prior to enabling to transmit data and information.  Again our team of engineers make this an efficient and easy process and can be completed within short time frames.

Data Management

The equipment will start transmitting live data from the outset.  This data will be automatically filtered and stored, aptly in the UK, in the Cloud and then displayed on your secure private web location.  You can either view the data online or download the data into your preferred package like excel or numbers.   

Equipment Management

As part of the annual data fee, we will maintain the integrity of  the field based equipment.  Everyday, someone will check online that your hardware is alive and transmitting sensible data.  We can remotely check that it has a heartbeat and, if on a battery, the state of the battery.