Gathering Data

Gathering objective data is crucial to making informed decisions but is not an end in itself. In order to bring your data to life, and make the process worthwhile, you need to start with the data, analyse and understand it, and then create consequence.

Capture: We specialise in gathering data in exterior locations. Our main driver has always been footfall, but in the last five years we now capture data on opinions, parking space usage and environmental factors. This data is then transmitted by GPRS, Lora or Bluetooth connection to our offsite secure server.

Report: Once the server has received the data, it is processed, analysed and presented to the client in the relevant format. The format will vary depending on the nature of the information and time criticalness of the display. All data is downloadable by our clients and can be used in whichever package they prefer.

Action: One of the key purposes of gathering data is to make better use of assets. This may take the form of allocating more revenue to a park which is particularly busy, or putting more effort into cleaning because user opinion is poor. A more active approach can also be adopted by using the data to create events. “ After 100 people have walked up path, send message to park warden to check for rubbish”.

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