Car Sense

We have developed a range of devices to help Towns and Parishes to help manage their parking. The core system is a simple device, Park Sense, which tells you if a car is parked on the space or not. From this simple piece of information, we open up a whole world of usable data:

  • Which spaces are free in your town.
  • How long someone has parked in a space and when they should have moved by
  • The best route for your customer to take to that space.

This will cut pollution in your area and reduce traffic flow which is looking for spaces. At the sametime, we can show this information on your website, and therefore bring more traffic to you ( conversely seen as a good thing for websites!)

When you would like to know whether a car has parked in a space you need to establish presence and distance. We have two different sensors for identifying this, which as with the Pinpoint range, each situation will suit different applications.

  • Hall Effect – The sensor, named after the early 20th Century physicist Edwin Hall who developed the theory, uses micro changes in voltage to identify presence. It can therefore be used to identify if a car is parked in a space for instance.
  • Ultrasonic – This sensor will identify the distance of an object from the sensor. We can use this to identify how full a bin is. As each bin is different in its dimensions, we would typically survey the bins prior to their installation.